Need a website? We can help whether it is training you to create your own or hiring us to do the design work for you. Using WordPress as a CMS (contact management system) you can have a website to be proud of. I thoroughly enjoy designing sites so if you are just starting out I can point you in the right direction. I use WordPress on the majority of my sites and one of the reasons is that it’s free. So getting a year’s hosting and domain registration out of the way (€45 per annum) and a free content management system you are laughing with a great website too.

If you are an ngo check out the dot ngo domain suffix :

The news that dot ngo (.ngo) and dot ong (.ong) are now rolling out to the marketplace should provide far more chances to secure a top level domain name that is ideal for your organization. In fact I would expect that the .ngo suffix will become as widely known as the .org suffix in years to come and better yet it will have exclusive relationship to the not for profit sector. Ultimately and most importantly is the fact the the Public Interest Registry is going to manage a proper validation process so guarantee that only genuine NGOs will be afforded the new domain names. The goal being that the .ngo suffix will become a symbol of standing and credibility within the nonprofit online world. Although it may take a period of a year or two to realize that .ngo is synonmous with authentic nonprofits I feel the longer-term dividends will be great.

So non-profits get your .ngo.

If you need a hand email me  or if it helps fill out the contact form here

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